Computational Model Builder (CMB) Suite


Computational Model Builder (CMB) is a suite of applications that provide a customizable workflow for the entire lifetime of a computational simulation. Generally speaking most workflows involve

  • specifying the governing equations of state of the system to be simulated, their free parameters, and other quantities required by the simulation;
  • importing, constructing, or fitting a geometric model of the physical domain of the simulation;
  • discretizing the geometric model into a mesh suitable for approximating functions which enable people to make a decision based on the outcome of the simulation;
  • associating material properties, boundary and initial conditions, and other attributes to regions of the mesh.
  • queueing the simulation (or an ensemble of simulations) for execution;
  • monitoring simulation progress and inspecting results after the simulation has run;
  • integrating simulation results, experimental measurements, and other knowledge in order to make a decision about how to proceed.

The first application in this suite that we are introducing is ModelBuilder, which targets the first four steps above for several major use cases. ParaView is often used for the final steps.

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