CMB 22.04 Release Notes

See also CMB 21.12 Release Notes for previous changes.

Simplifying Branding CMB-based Applications

CMB Refactored to be a template SMTK application

Application details such as icons and naming are now exposed via CMake variables. The pqAboutDialogReaction and default LayoutSpec may be overridden using application specific implementations.

This will make it easier for developers to created custom CMB-based applications with minimal code duplication.

UI Improvements

Animation Features

The ParaView animation features are now including in the postprocessing plugin. When postprocessing is turned on, the Animation View is available in the “View” menu, and a “Save Animation…” item is available in the “File” menu.

Catalyst menu during post-process

When post-process mode is active, show the Catalyst menu, and two more entries in the File menu, “Save Catalyst State” and “Save Extracts”

Fixed Postprocessing Mode

All of ParaView’s Sources and Filters have been restored when in postprocessing mode.